Coach Nick

Nick Platt

I’m an  
experienced mental strength & human performance coach

with over a decade spent as Founder and CEO of Platt-Form Performance Coaching. With a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in strength and conditioning, as well as mental strength, my knowledge, skills, and abilities extend far beyond those of a general fitness coach. I possess a unique ability to instill an extraordinary level of motivation, confidence, and commitment in all of those I work with, leading them to achieve their greatest goals.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from East Carolina University, my master’s in Sports Management from Wingate University, and a post-graduate certificate in Learning & Development from UNC Charlotte. Additionally, I competed in one season of football at the North Carolina Central University. After building a tremendous foundation of knowledge, theory, and practice throughout my rigorous academic career, I moved to put my practical knowledge to the test. I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist, served as a Strength & Conditioning intern with the Carolina Panthers, and the Life Skills Intern within the UNC Charlotte Athletic Department.

Most recently, I proudly became a Certified Mental Strength Coach. As a driven leader and coach/mentor, I understand just how crucial it is to help develop the mental capacity of those I work with, so that they can handle not only the tougher physical feats that they are looking to accomplish, but more importantly, the challenges of every day real life. Without the motivation, the confidence, and the mental well-being, achieving an audacious goal is simply harder. With this mindset as my primary approach, I help others dig deeper, strive for a higher level, and accomplish their ambitions.


For me, nothing is more important than keeping growth at the forefront

of everything that I do. As a coach/mentor, I strive to grow in my own personal practice, while also ensuring that my clients understand just how critical growth is, every step of the way on their journey. In order to ensure that my approach remains solidified in the current human performance industry, I authored the self-published ebook, “The Way 2 Win,” which details my philosophy on winning in every area of life. In addition, I’m also the creator of “The 4M Method” for Personal Growth Coaching.

As a devoted learner, I am constantly looking for new ways to connect with those I work with. Constantly analyzing, searching for harmony, and trying to relate to my clients on a deeper level. My teaching abilities, knowledge, and words of encouragement help me to offer my tribe top-tier support throughout the process of true growth.

I’m a married father of 3 and am passionate about football, reading non-fiction, learning, and training my mind, body, and spirit to become the best version of myself.