Way 2 Win eBook


Way 2 Win eBook


Are you a student-athlete (or parent or coach of one/some) looking for more direction and guidance in your life and athletic journey? Are you looking for that consistent nudge or push to inspire you to reach your full potential – and get better every day? Do you seek consistent growth mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually? If so, this book will guide your mind, empower your soul, and enrich your journey as a student-athlete like never before.

In The Way 2 Win, Nick shares 40 relevant topics, each from one of his four guiding principles (Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual). These topics and lessons will motivate you to get your mind and body right, help you develop a plan for progress as a student-athlete, and teach you how to set and achieve the right goals for future success. Change your life today by embarking on this journey of consistent growth with Nick Platt, your personal performance coach.

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